Mesh Finch Feeder

Mesh Finch Feeders

These feeders are specially designed to hold one of finches’ favorite foods, Nyjer® (thistle). This feeder is durable and carries a lifetime guarantee. It's easy to hang or mount. The convenient sliding top makes refilling a snap. WBU Finch Tubes and Mesh Feeders are also available with the EcoClean antimicrobial treatment which will help keep your thistle seed fresh. Both the traditional yellow Finch Feeders and the black EcoClean Feeders come with the Quick-Clean pop-off bases making it very easy to keep your feeder clean.

One of the advantages of a mesh feeder is that the finches can cling to the sides in a variety of positions...upside down, sideways, etc. This is similar to how they glean seeds from natural food sources. Whether you choose mesh or a traditional tube, watching these amazing birds will brighten your day!